The Future of Market Research: Technology’s Influence on Insights

Market Research Firms

Market research has undergone many changes during the last few decades. Due to technology, a market research firm’s common tools and methodologies are constantly subject to change and evolution. Thanks to technology, data collection methods have improved significantly. Where everything was once carried out on paper surveys and interviews, technology entered the game to change the proficiency and efficiency with which data is collected and analyzed. Analysis software allows companies conducting market research to crunch the numbers like never before, allowing business opportunities to flourish and for the most profitable strategies to be adopted.  

Data being shifted and stored online has given Market Research Firms access to big data, allowing market research firms to conduct thorough and reliable analyses. Adding social media applications to market research is another way technology expands the realms a market research firm can explore. When we consider all these changes that have occurred in only a few decades, only one thought comes to mind, what can technology achieve next? What type of technological tools are market research firms hoping to capitalize on in the future? Let’s take a look. 

The Future of Market Research

Augmented and Virtual Reality: This is a new dimension of research methodologies that market research firms hope to avail of in the future. Virtual environments become the backbone of product testing, early-stage product feasibility analysis, and understanding consumer behavior towards a product in its nascent stages. A market research firm can rely on augmented and virtual reality in place of the longstanding tradition of focus groups, or they can choose to make the best of both worlds to maximize benefits. 

Artificial Intelligence: The growth of artificial intelligence in recent years has made it a hot topic of discussion for those interested in technology. Artificial intelligence is also one of the hopeful prospects for many businesses and firms, as it can help make their activities even more efficient and productive. Regarding market research, firms use artificial intelligence for task completion, data analysis, and chatbots to interact with customers. Analyzing data provided by AI can help companies develop marketing strategies, business models, customer service solutions, and in-depth consumption patterns in the future. 

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Microdata: Microdata provides information about individual customers’ behavioral patterns. Such an approach is believed to be effective in making targeted business decisions. Some believe that microdata analysis of customers will trump big data in the future, as it can provide more precise insight to companies on how to move ahead. Using microdata and big data together can help companies achieve a wider customer perspective, allowing companies to create better interactions and services. 

Online Qualitative Research: The pandemic has created a new era in which online qualitative research is flourishing. In the future, market research firms will likely utilize information customers post on social media sites. Customers may post anything from their thoughts to complaints, buying patterns, and so on. Market research firms can use this data to offer companies a better perspective on the thought process and feelings of their customers. Since the research is conducted online, market research firms are better placed to use data collection and analysis software that provides accuracy, speed, and deeper insight. Due to the shifting paradigms in society, this form of market research may need to be revised to supersede traditional routes of market research. 


In this age, the potential ways a market research firm can utilize technology are constantly changing. While some challenges are present, and the methods discussed here may take time to develop, there is no doubt that opportunities are on the horizon. The rise of augmented and virtual reality will allow market research firms to conduct various research and analysis. AI is already playing a role in making firms and businesses conduct their activities and market research. Likely, AI will soon bring further speed and efficiency to market research. Microdata is now on the rise, and it can work hand-in-hand with big data to provide a market research firm with comprehensive insights into consumer patterns and behavior. The standard process in which market research is conducted could undergo further change due to the pandemic and the advantages of using technology.


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