How Does Your Industry Dictate the Choice of Your Business Cards?

custom business card printing

When it comes to business cards, you will have to ask yourself a few questions before you choose what you like.

  • What is the purpose of your business cards?
  • Who do you want to target with your card?
  • Does your industry require any specific type of design?

These are just some of the simple questions that will help you determine what exactly should be included on your new business cards. If they are for general use, they must be durable and should last long enough so that people remember who gave them that card and why they should trust that person. If you need custom business card printing, it is better to go with an option that offers choices in design and different types of the paper stock used for printing these cards.

Versatility in Your Design is the Key

Your business card should be able to be printed in various sizes and materials and used in different formats and places. If you want your cards to appeal to both men and women, they mustn’t be too masculine or feminine-looking since either sex may hold onto your card for years after receiving it if they like what you offer or are impressed by how professional they look while doing so (or both).

An excellent way to test whether or not a design would work well on different types of paper is by printing out samples using different kinds of paper stock before creating the product itself. You might also want to try out various colour schemes with each sample; this will allow you to think about how much and what type of colour works best, depending on your target audience.

Always Go With the Standard Size of Business Cards

When deciding the size of your business cards, you must consider how many you will be printing. If you are making many cards in large quantities, then it may be better to choose a custom business card printing size that matches the dimensions of your product. If you only want smaller quantities and don’t have plans for any more in the near future, go with the standard 3.5 x 2-inch size.

Embossing is Creative and Effective

Embossing gives the card a 3D effect, which makes it more appealing and memorable. Embossing can be done using different materials like gold, silver or copper and can be done on both sides of the card.

Letter-pressing is Expensive But Looks Classy

Letter-pressing is a process where ink is pressed into the paper. This creates a unique look and feels, giving your business cards a classy, professional appearance. The cost of letter-pressing can vary depending on the design and quantity you need to be printed. It’s an ideal option for small amounts or when you want to give your cardholders something special.

In addition to text on both sides of your cards, letter-pressing can also be used for images.

UV Coating Makes Your Business Cards Durable

UV coating is a thin layer of plastic applied to your business card’s surface, creating a protective layer that can make your cards last for quite some time. It also has an excellent effect on their appearance. UV coating can be applied to both sides of your business card, which makes it ideal for creating two-sided designs.

Foil Stamping Adds That Dash of Metallic Shine to Your Card

Foil stamping is an economical and effective way to create a luxurious look. Foil stamping can be used on both sides of the card, but the most common practice is with one side only.

Typically, this option will be chosen when you want your business cards to have an elegant or professional appearance or if you’re looking for something different from what’s already been done. It’s trendy among designers and artists who want their work displayed in eye-catching ways, such as:

  • The silver foil looks elegant and classic.
  • Gold gives off an air of luxury.
  • Copper conveys warmth and humanity (think crafty handmade gifts).


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