Bathroom Door Lock, Price Comparison: Finding The Best Deals

bathroom door lock price

Finding the right bathroom door lock at the best price involves comparing various options and seeking discounts.

This article does all the heavy lifting for you and makes your work easier. The goal is to help you find the perfect bathroom door lock price for your budget.

Below are the parameters based on which door lock prices can be compared to take a call on the most affordable and best-suited lock for a particular purpose:

Types of Locks: 

Understanding the range of locks available is crucial. Simple latch locks are cost-effective, not complicated, from INR 200 to INR 500, and suitable for standard privacy needs. Meanwhile, digital locks with advanced features like fingerprint or keypad entry provide heightened security but come at a higher price range, starting from INR 3,000 to INR 10,000. Assessing individual needs against the lock type helps make a financially prudent choice.

Price Range: 

The price spectrum for bathroom door locks varies significantly. The Basic latch locks offer affordability and functionality for most households. Mortise locks, with better security features, usually range between INR 800 to INR 1,500. Digital locks, with their advanced technology, come at a higher cost. Understanding the budget constraints and security requirements assists in narrowing down the options.


Exploring different retailers is essential. Online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart often showcase a broad range of options with varying prices. Additionally, local hardware stores might provide competitive pricing or bundled deals that could offer better value. Comparing prices across these platforms allows a comprehensive understanding of available choices and price variations.

Discounts and Offers: 

E-commerce platforms frequently offer discounts and special deals, especially during festive seasons or specific sales events like Diwali or Christmas. Utilising these discounts can significantly reduce the overall cost. Keeping an eye on such offers while considering the desired lock type aids in making a cost-effective purchase.

Brand Consideration: 

Trusted brands like Godrej may have higher price tags but ensure durability and quality. Investing in these established brands might result in long-term savings by avoiding frequent replacements due to poor quality. Balancing the brand reputation against the budget is crucial in making a well-informed decision.

Local Stores: 

Local hardware shops often offer personalised assistance and sometimes competitive pricing. They might also provide bundled deals, which include additional accessories, such as the combination lock, or installation services at discounted rates. Visiting these stores allows for hands-on assessment and potential cost-saving opportunities not available through online platforms.

Customer Reviews: 

Checking customer reviews offers insights into the performance and reliability of the chosen lock. Understanding the experiences of other users regarding installation, durability, and overall satisfaction helps make an informed choice. Positive reviews may reinforce the decision, while negative ones serve as cautionary guidance.

Warranty and Installation: 

Some brands provide added value through warranties and free installation services. Opting for a lock with these features not only ensures peace of mind regarding the product’s durability but also saves additional expenses on installation, contributing to a cost-effective purchase.

Bulk Purchase and Negotiation: 

Buying multiple locks for various bathrooms or negotiating prices in local stores can lead to significant discounts. Bulk purchases sometimes attract retailer discounts or offer additional accessories, ultimately reducing the per-unit cost. Similarly, negotiating prices in local stores may lead to personalised deals that fit within budget constraints.

DIY Kits: 

Locks equipped with easy-to-install DIY kits empower users to save on installation costs by avoiding professional services. Assessing locks with these features and considering one’s proficiency in DIY installation aids in cost-effectively securing the bathroom door without extra expenditure on installation services.

Tips to Find the Best Deals:

  1. Consider the specific lock type needed and explore various retailers for price variations.
  2. Utilise discounts and offers on the market on various online platforms during festive seasons or special sales events.
  3. Research trusted brands that offer quality and durability despite higher prices.
  4. Check local hardware stores for potential competitive prices or bundled deals.
  5. Review customer feedback to understand the product’s quality and suitability.
  6. Look for warranties and free installation services that some brands might offer.
  7. Buying in bulk or negotiating prices in local stores could lead to cost-effective deals.
  8. Assess locks with DIY installation kits to save on installation expenses.


Finding the best deals on bathroom door locks in India involves meticulous comparison among retailers, considering features, and exploring discounts without compromising quality and security.


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