General Gynaecology in Noida

General Gynaecology in Noida

Gynecologists diagnose and treat conditions related to the female reproductive system, including the vagina, ovaries, and uterus. Additionally, they offer care during pregnancy and childbirth.

Women with gynecological issues should visit a surgeon at least once annually for annual exams and preventive health screening procedures. These appointments help women detect early warning signs of serious conditions before they become severe.

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Gynaecological Problems

Women experiencing difficulties having a baby or having issues with their menstrual cycle should seek professional assistance from a gynecologist. They provide advice on fertility and pregnancy as well as treatment for conditions like endometriosis, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.

A gynecologist will perform a physical exam and take a detailed medical history before running tests to diagnose your symptoms. This could include performing a pelvic exam as well as blood tests which could detect issues with your reproductive system, such as high hormone levels in your blood or an infection in the cervix.

Some gynecologists specialize in obstetrics, or treating women and childbirth-related problems. They can perform various surgeries such as caesarian section or hysterectomy and provide specialized care for women with ovarian or cervical cancer.

Infertility Evaluation

Infertility evaluations can identify the primary causes of infertility and provide tailored treatment plans. They may involve tests for ovaries, fallopian tubes, and sperm.

If the test results reveal infertility, a physician can administer medications or other treatments to help restore fertility and allow couples to conceive children.

An infertility work-up may include a laparoscopy, which examines the uterus. This examination can detect pelvic pathology and peritoneal factors that impair fertility.

Another diagnostic method, an HSG, is less invasive and can detect tubal damage or abnormalities within the uterine cavity. It also assists doctors in deciding which surgical technique is most suitable for treating infertility.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla is a renowned gynaecologist in Noida who offers the highest standards of care to her patients. As an advocate for patient-centric medicine, her ethical, open and caring manner have earned her patients’ trust and loyalty. Dr. Shukla founded Niraamaya Clinic to directly serve their patients’ needs while adding a personal touch that other hospitals lack.

Infertility Treatment

After one year of unprotected sexual activity, your doctor may suggest infertility treatment. This usually involves taking medications and undergoing certain procedures to help you conceive.

Women may take ovulation medicine (such as clomiphene or letrozole) to regulate ovulation and increase their chances of becoming pregnant. Furthermore, if the fallopian tubes or uterus are blocked, surgery to correct this problem can improve fertility levels.

Males suffering from testicular problems that are resulting in infertility may require surgery to address or repair a varicose vein in the scrotum or an obstruction to their epididymis (which stores and transports sperm). Laparoscopic sperm extraction is another option that may be utilized to collect sperm for future use.

Access to fertility care remains a significant obstacle for many women, particularly those of low income and color. Some of these issues stem from misconceptions about infertility as well as discriminatory practices that negatively affect reproductive health outcomes.

Pregnancy Care

Since 2014, Niramaaya Clinic has been making waves in the gynecological industry. Their comprehensive list of services includes laparoscopic surgery, ovulation induction, fertility evaluation and treatment, as well as infertility management.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla is a renowned gynaecologist in Noida, offering the highest standards of care and treatment to her patients. With an impressive track record and friendly demeanor, she stands out for her ethical, open-minded and compassionate medical practice.

She earned her MD (gynae) with a gold medal from King Georges Medical College in Lucknow and has extensive experience working in gynecology.

She not only is an experienced doctor, but a mother of two – giving her insight into patients’ needs and desires. No wonder that her clinic has become a must-stop destination for women of all ages and medical conditions. Furthermore, her services are supported by sound knowledge, cutting edge technology and top quality equipment.


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