Do you need Vegan protein powder?

vegan protein powder

Are you a newbie gym rat with lactose intolerance?

Maybe you’re just unlucky enough to be unable to digest lactose and can’t do the regular whey protein. If you relate to this sentence, you might need to switch to vegan protein powder.

If you’re a regular fitness enthusiast looking to explore plant-based protein alternatives, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is vegan protein powder?

Vegan protein powder essentially comprises a series of plant-based ingredients. A good brand of vegan protein powder will have many different plant protein sources. Most plant protein sources are soy, pea, hemp, rice, and fruit and veggie powders.

How do you use vegan protein powder?

You can treat vegan protein powder much like you’d treat whey protein. These powders go well with shakes or smoothies and even dairy-free milk or water. Many fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists also swear by incorporating vegan protein powder in their cooking.

You can add these powders as an alternative to protein sources and even sugar in your baked goods.

What sets apart your vegan protein powder from whey protein?

Plant-based protein powder possesses many characteristics that may seem better than regular whey protein. Vegan protein powder is only a significantly viable protein source if lactose is intolerant or vegan.

Here are some defining factors of vegan protein powder:

Plant-Based Protein is easier to digest.

Vegan protein powder is easier on your gut because it doesn’t contain lactose, which is more challenging to digest. Vegan Protein is a significant contender against whey because of the high numbers of lactose-intolerant people worldwide.

Vegan Protein is a tad expensive.

When you compare the prices of regular whey protein against those vegan protein powders, whey protein is the cheaper alternative. Vegan Protein may be more inexpensive because of the fewer calories.

(Side note: Vegan protein powder does not have as much calcium as whey protein powders. Although essential plant proteins are present in vegan protein powder, all the necessary amino acids are not present.)


1. Can vegan protein powder cause you to bloat?

Unless it’s an entirely new facet in your diet, vegan protein powder will not likely cause you any bloating. So, protein powder is more likely to wreak havoc in your gut if you’re a regular consumer of processed food.

2. Why can’t vegans drink whey protein?

Whey protein is procured from cow’s milk, making it an animal product. Moreover, consuming whey protein is not advised if you avoid lactose because of intolerance.

3. What exactly is whey protein?

Whey is a by-product of the exercise of cheese-making. When whey protein is produced, all the non-protein ingredients are removed from the mixture, and the remainder gets powdered up.

It isn’t a good choice for lactose-intolerant people because of the large amounts of lactose derived.

Summing up.

The rising popularity of vegan food in Australia is the best lifestyle option. Vegan protein powder is a fantastic source of plant protein, whether vegan or not. Opting for vegan protein sources is viable to build muscle and get stronger. Plant protein is an excellent option to eliminate dairy or explore healthier food options.


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