Why Accredited OSHA Training Online IS Essential For Safety Standards in Workplaces

OSHA online safety training

Accredited OSHA training is essential for workplaces. Let’s find out how.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that around 5,100 fatal workplace injuries occurred in 2021. While that may sound like a lot, OSHA has managed to get the overall percentage of workplace incidents down to 2.7%– compared to 10.9 back in the 70s.

This tells us the importance of workplace safety standards and the necessity to ensure OSHA compliance. One such way to ensure that is by providing accredited OSHA training to employees. So, what exactly is it? And, how does it ensure meeting workplace safety standards? Let’s find out. Unlock Your Potential with Oracle Fusion HCM Training. Excel in Human Capital Management for a Brighter Career Tomorrow.

What is OSHA Training Online?

OSHA’s online training programs are made to train employees and workers about occupational health and safety. Through a series of programs, OSHA teaches workers how to comply with the company’s laws and OSHA’s regulations to keep a workplace safe and secure.

In the past, these classes were available only for in-person training programs. However, for the past few years, OSHA has recognized the need for providing these programs online, so a worker can do it more:

  • Efficiently;
  • Quickly;
  • And cost-effectively.

The first and perhaps the most important aspect of this training is that a course taker won’t have to travel to training and attend the workplace safety courses. The second is the online/flexible nature, which allows them to take the course at their own pace.

5 Reasons Accredited OSHA Training Online Is Important

Online safety training by OSHA is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Employees need to ensure every worker abides by the safety regulations, and the best way to promote a safe culture and avoid workplace hazards is by providing accredited OSHA training.

So, here are five ways OSHA online safety training can improve safety awareness and ensure that you meet workplace safety standards:

  1. It Promotes Workplace Safety Regulations

Workplace safety regulations are in place to ensure employee safety. Usually, a company or organization might have its own set of rules. However, they have to comply with OSHA’s Worker Rights And Protections.

That’s when every organization in any industry needs safety training programs to promote workplace safety regulations. And OSHA’s online training is the ideal solution for that. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It helps the workers understand basic safety protocols
  • It improves safety awareness by providing real-life case studies
  • Online safety training allows companies to train employees quickly

So, one of the quickest ways for a company to ensure thorough compliance with their and OSHA’s safety regulations is by providing these courses to employees and supervisors.

  1. It Improves Safety Awareness Among Employees

Safety awareness in employees is a necessary aspect of any general industry company. To promote a safety culture and prevent workplace hazards, awareness among employees and their manager is an unavoidable necessity.

Therefore, creating a safe workplace culture requires proper training, and no training is better than one provided by a prestigious organization such as OSHA. So, what does it do that improves safety awareness among employees? Here’s what:

  • The safety guidelines and compliance with occupational health and safety
  • Necessitates the use of safety gear and equipment
  • Promotes analysis for potential workplace hazards
  • Improves reporting of incidents, potential risks, and improvements

Thus, a workplace isn’t only safer with OSHA’s courses but also a lot better to work in.

  1. Quickly Trains Workers & Supervisors

OSHA’s online training program comes in two variations. The first is the 10-hour, and the other is the 30-hour online training. Now, both of these safety training programs are designed for specific individuals. For instance, OSHA suggests that:

  • Workers should take 10-hour online programs;
  • Supervisors/managers/people in leadership positions should take the 30-hour online program.

Once either or both of these groups have the safety certification, it allows the company to have a better workplace safety culture. However, the biggest benefit of all that is the ability to take this program in a matter of few days.

At most, a supervisor can finish this program in a month by attending it for at least 1 hour, whereas a worker can finish it in 10 days. Therefore, allowing a general industry company to get their workers/supervisors up to speed within a few days.

  1. It Ensures OSHA Compliance In Workplaces 

OSHA’s Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations are very extensive. While they depend on various industries, the general directive is to prioritize worker safety and ensure compliance, security standards, and safety inspections.

Therefore, it’s ideal for organizations that fall into industries such as:

  • General Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Maritime

In other words, any workplace that might or will have to deal with potential workplace hazards. So, putting a security plan in place to ensure worker safety is the number one law every company should abide by.

Therefore, the best way to do that is by providing OSHA’s safety certification to people in leadership positions, as well as workers on sites/grounds.

  1. Online Nature Makes It Very Convenient 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the OSHA online training program is the ability to take this course online. This means you don’t need to travel or go anywhere to attend this training. Employees can provide this course to ensure safe work hours for their workers.

Whereas a worker can take this of their own accord to improve chances of promotion or the potential to unlock better job opportunities. However, the most important benefits of it all for both sides include the following:

  • Flexible class timing;
  • Online nature only requires a laptop/tablet, etc., to complete the course;
  • Ability to finish the course as quickly or as conveniently as the course taker deems fit.

Therefore, teaching safety’s best practices through OSHA online courses makes it a smooth experience for the employee and employer.


These are the key aspects of OSHA’s safety training through online courses and how they can ensure a better workplace environment. They promote workplace safety through convenient online courses and flexible timing, which allows general industry companies/workers to ensure a safety culture on their premises.


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