All About Diabetic Socks

Bulk Diabetic Socks

Socks are a part of daily wear fashion. They are usually worn before wearing shoes to avoid shoe bites. People can wear them in winter to protect their feet from the floor and cold. They are similar to mittens worn on hands. Bulk Diabetic Socks are specially manufactured for people with diabetes. The primary purpose of such socks is to prevent blood flow and reduce injury in the leg area.

Why does one need bulk diabetic socks?

These socks enhance blood circulation and prevent blood clots. This is useful for maintaining constant blood flow, which is very important for people suffering from diabetes and leg problems. They keep the feet dry. As opposed to regular socks, they hold in enough moisture to hydrate the feet and absorb all excess water content that evaporates into the air. It helps in the prevention of bacterial and fungi growth. They are also known to reduce foot injury.

Not everyone with diabetes needs diabetic socks.

It is not compulsory for everyone to wear such socks. People who do not have leg problems or issues related to blood flow can use regular socks. However, it is advised to use diabetic socks instead of regular socks during extended travel or while sleeping, as it prevents blood clots and swelling.

Who requires bulk diabetic socks?

  • People with frequent blood clots, injuries, blisters, and swelling in the foot and leg area.
  • People who have a lot of sweat and moisture content in their feet.
  • People who have experienced decreased pedal pulse, i.e., a measurement associated with a risk of arterial disease.


The manufacturing process and the material used in producing diabetic socks are different from regular socks. They are more carefully constructed with added special features.

Moisture absorbent material- Acrylic fibres are used instead of cotton ones to produce diabetic socks, as they are better at absorbing excess moisture and sweat. This material helps in keeping the feet dry, which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also reduces itching. The material only absorbs excess moisture, so the feet are hydrated and dehydrated enough to drive off the bacteria. This material also absorbs terrible odours from the feet and helps in keeping the feet fresh.

Seamless- Diabetic socks are manufactured without any seams. This is major to prevent itching and rubbing of the front toe, which might be the potential cause of blisters and ulcers. It also helps in the smooth recovery of an injury.

Soft material- Bulk Diabetic Socks are made of highly soft yarns that help people relax. Bamboo and wool are natural yarns with antimicrobial properties and are not harsh against the skin. They are known to reduce blisters causing friction. The thread sometimes is copper or silver infused to help fight against wounds and bacteria.

Elastic- The elastic of these socks is designed in such a way that they do not irritate the calves or ankles, in the case of ankle socks. They also do not cause the claves to contract as they are not so tight to the skin.

Padded soles- Silicone pads are sewn in the socks, providing extra padding to the feet. They help a person to stand and do work for long periods. Such padding is also helpful while playing sports like tennis or soccer. The sole of such socks is also designed to keep warm during winter and provides a cooling sensation during summer. Hence, these socks are suitable for all weather. They mostly have clear, white soles. It is beneficial as the wounds, infections, or blisters can be easily detected as they are pretty visible.


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