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In the last two centuries, the automotive sector has seen a major transformation. Travel has progressed from bullock carts to self-driving cars in just 200 years. When we compare this time frame and the rate of development to other industries, we are left in wonder. Humanity should expect a significant change in the automobile design sector in the future.

The self-driving car sector will experience a major surge before taking to the roads. It will drive up the need for autonomous vehicle experts such as system software engineers, perception software engineers, deep learning engineers, vehicle software engineers, strategic account managers, field service technicians, and industrial engineers, among others.

As a result, in 2021, numerous ed-tech platforms will provide online autonomous vehicle courses. From the fundamentals of car design to the technological complexities of their automation, these courses cover it all. We’ve compiled a list of the best online car design courses available right now.

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The Complete Self-Driving Car Course – Udemy

Students can develop a completely working self-driving car based purely on deep learning by enrolling in this comprehensive self-driving course. The course teaches students how to utilize OpenCV to identify lane boundaries for a self-driving automobile using computer vision techniques. Students can also learn how to train perceptron-based neural networks to differentiate between binary classes and convolutional neural networks to recognize different traffic signs.

Students will learn how to use Keras, a powerful neural network library developed in Python. Because the majority of the concepts covered in the course are very technical, students must be interested in deep learning and self-driving automobiles.

Autonomous Cars: How Do They Work and Impact Us? – Udemy

This course covers all a student needs to learn about autonomous driving, self-driving, driverless, and robot cars. Apart from imparting technical knowledge, the goal of this course is to provide interested individuals with an exciting glimpse into the race to autonomous vehicles and to prepare them for what is to come.

Each video is prepared in plain English, with technical jargon and explanations left out. Therefore, anyone with a basic education can keep up with the advances.

Intro to Self-Driving Cars – Udacity

Udacity’s self-driving car course uses Python, C++, matrices, and calculus in code, as well as computer vision and machine learning, to enable students to learn about self-driving car issues. You’ll be glued to the screen for about 10 hours a week during the four-month course. Because this is a professional course that covers the inner workings of self-driving automobiles, students must be able to read and modify code.

Multi-Object Tracking for Automotive Systems at edX

Students who enroll in the course will learn how to locate and track dynamic objects for a variety of applications, including driverless cars. The goal of this course is to educate students on the basics of multi-object tracking for automotive systems.

Description and knowledge of typical sensors and motion models, concepts underlying filters that can handle a varied number of objects, and a selection of the primary multi-object tracking (MOT) filters are all important aspects of the course.


So, if you’re genuinely interested in the field and have a flair for it, a future in the automobile industry can be both fascinating and fulfilling. So go ahead, check out these courses and see which one works best for you.


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